Customizable CFO Services

How Banker Financial can help your business

All companies have their own specific needs, but there’s one thing every business requires for long-term success: the ability to set an achievable plan, while managing capital and resources efficiently.

Sona provides part-time external CFO services on a particular project or recurring basis—ideal for companies that need strategic and financial guidance but aren’t seeking a full-time hire.

As is true of the best CFOs, Sona will help clients better understand their holistic financial picture as it relates to growing the top/bottom lines, managing cash flow, harnessing the power of employees, and achieving the company’s overall vision.

She will work alongside a CEO and can be part of the leadership team making high-level decisions. And she will work with bookkeepers, sales/marketing teams, operations, product and IT directors, lending her expertise wherever needed.

Sona’s services are customized to provide what’s right for your company in terms of structure, budget, culture, where you are, and where you want to go. Among the services Sona can offer…

Financial Models

Maintaining a successful business requires monitoring the numbers. Sona can help by preparing models that provide insight on the positives as well as the pain points.  She can model: integrated financial projections including P&Ls, balance sheets and statements of cash flows; budgets; forecasts; dashboards; and, key performance indicators (KPIs). Sona’s experience with diverse organizations allows her to find the financial models that are most useful to a company, not bogging anyone down with unnecessary metrics. 

With these models, Sona can help you more decisively answer budget-related issues; what are realistic sales goals; what is the best product or service pricing strategy; what headcount and payroll you can afford and how to scale; how much capital you need to raise; how that capital should be invested to maximize growth and profitability or meeting investor milestones.

Strategic Planning & Advice

Strategic planning is essential to managing resources and moving in the right direction. With years of experience strategizing through many situations, Sona knows how to think boldly while also paying attention to details.

Sona brings a strong financial and analytical lens to your strategic planning process, ensuring that you develop actionable strategies based on your current capabilities, resources, capital, and aspirations. Sona’s role in the process is to help develop growth strategies, facilitate thoughtful planning, and ensure disciplined execution.

If your executive team is in transition, Sona can—and has—stepped into various interim leadership roles (Division President, COO, Chief Strategy Officer, etc.) to ensure the ship stays on course.

Investor Pitches, Presentations, and Board Meetings

Raising capital is often crucial to a company’s growth. With experience in both Venture Capital and Private Equity investing, Sona can navigate the complexity of investor materials (term sheets, cap tables, due diligence requests) and improve investor pitches, even taking part in pitch presentations. After securing capital, she can help maintain relationships with investors by preparing reports and assisting with presentations, including meetings of the board.

Mergers & Acquisitions

If your company is contemplating a strategic investment in a partner, an acquisition, or a partial or full sale, Sona can help evaluate options, identify risks, and optimize outcomes. She spent years evaluating transactions on Wall Street, and she played a key role guiding numerous clients through the M&A process, resulting in significant returns to both owners and shareholders.

Advisor as you are acquired
Many clients have been acquired by private and public institutions. Sona has provided strategic financial and transaction advice to a number of clients who have been successfully acquired by private and public institutions.

Advisor as you evaluate potential Acquisitions
If your company is looking to drive growth through acquisition, Sona can help evaluate potential targets, provide valuation work, transaction guidance, and support your acquisition processes. Post-acquisition, Sona can help with the integration process.