A passion for helping businesses grow

“After a previous life as a financial analyst, equity investor, and venture capitalist, I launched Banker Financial Consulting, LLC in 2010 and never looked back."

With a rare combination of insight and sensitivity, Sona can expand the role of CFO to include leadership on strategy, operations, and vision.


Sona has helped companies grow their top and bottom lines using strategies from improving sales/marketing efficacy to expanding business/product lines to strengthening margins/expense management.


With over 150 global clients (and counting) across a range of industries, Sona has accrued the knowledge to apply the appropriate solution to help your company achieve its goals.


From fundraising and planning to strategic direction and guidance on M&A, Sona customizes her advice to fit what’s best for your business—accounting for resources, capital, industry, and opportunity.

Sona is a CFA charterholder and received a B.A. with Honors in Economics from the University of Chicago.

Sona began her career at Goldman Sachs Group. For eight years, she worked in their Equities Division in New York and Hong Kong and in the Private Equity Group — where she was an investment manager for a $435 million secondary interest private equity fund. Subsequently, she ran the venture capital fund for the internationally renowned Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, where she developed the fund’s strategy and invested in later-stage orthopedic companies worldwide. Sona was also an Equity Analyst for Argonaut Capital Management and developed equity investment ideas at Morgan Stanley.

Sona’s other passions include skiing, distance running, and yoga. One thing Sona finds in common with each of these sports is the pursuit of improvement, enlightenment, and joy — similar to the journey she takes with each of her clients at Banker Financial.